Planning your business starts with idea and that is why we are here on this site to give you the best business ideas and mores. Have you been thinking how to start great business in Nigeria but don’t know where to start, which business to invest on that’s profitable. Here you get the 12 best and most profitable business to start today. If you really love managing business.

The list of business idea below is the most authentic, not just randomly selected business but most authentic that you invest with your had earn money and have nothing to regret at last. This businesses are relevant 2019 and up to date. Before we forge ahead, lets look at some reason why we should start a business.

Reasons why we must start a business in Nigeria as of now

These why some Nigerians are traveling out from our land that is flowing with with milk and honey to other country that doesn’t have half of our resources. Is simply had to explain. Nigerians leave the lucrative business opportunities in their land and prefer to travel far where they’re been taken as slave, leaving there home flowing with milk and honey to Chinese, Indian, south African many mores to enjoy.

Most current fastest companies and business are own by foreigners.

List of most profitable business to start in Nigeria

1. Oil and gas business

Oil and gas is one of the most profitable business to start in Nigeria because our land are blessed with huge deposit of oil which create most of the best and lucrative business opportunities for Nigerians and foreigners. Owing a filling station, diesel supply’s, and distribution of kerosene are particular areas you can invent on easily and make a good profit for yourself. Petroleum product selling has been making huge amount of money for people and making Nigerians millionaires since years ago till now.

2. Rice farming

Rice is the most consumed food in Nigeria. Nigeria invest billion dollars on yearly basis on importation of Rice from China and Thailand that’s because the farmers in Nigeria are not able to produce enough and meet up with the demand because of poor funding and limited knowledge.

3. Cassaver plantations

Some people are now turning their attention to cassava production in Nigeria that has been abandoned for years. Food derived from cassava are most of the consumed food in Nigeria today. If you intend to invest in cassava production, start it now is a very booming farming business.

4. Selling of furnitures

Selling of locally made furnitures is a goldmine. Here you don’t need to be a carpenter to start this. Just demand a regular suppy from a trusted carpenter while you past on sale on your shop. Selling of locally made furniture is very large and profitable business since is only few can afford the foreign made design.

5. Fruits juice making

Now most of Nigerians drinks fruits juice that any other, that’s why chivita and lacasera who came to this country poorly are now making billions of niara on yearly basis. But business is high investment business it required huge capital.

6. Production of pure water

The production of pure water is another best most profitable business to start and a very popular business in Nigeria today and many are dispensed daily. Though is a business of high capital but well worth investing into, if you can professional manage it.

7. Fast food eatery

Eatery is another great and profitable business. What kills it is poor management. If you are ready to go into this business make sure you gets everything right. Also don’t forget little higher capital and good management and have all to enjoy.

8. Laundry service

Well experienced dry cleaners at affordable price are scares in Nigeria. We only have the once there service fee are expensive and those that cannot keep with time. After giving them your cloth to wash you will still meet it unwashed in one week time. This business is very lucrative one to join.

9. Selling of building material

New houses are been springed up in Nigeria now. So, investing in building material is very good business idea in Nigeria. I can count multi millionaires on that business you can join as well to be part of them.

10. Hotel business

This might be the coolest money making possibility in Nigeria. Spend money on small scale hotel of just 10 suites and watch as the cash flows in. This has not anything to do with tourism growth of any type; there’s simply some thing in Nigerians gadget that make this enterprise very profitable Nigerians loves jolly.

11. Invest in properties

Nigeria is one of the country worldwide where land and properties are very expensive. Buy a land in an undeveloped place in the cities and resell in 3 or 4 and make a large profit, it might be double or triple times the money you invested on it.

12. Fashion designing business

Fashion designers are turning to millionaires in Nigeria on daily basis also some of Nigerians are trendiest people in the world. So, you can learn and join the business is very lucrative if you are professional in it.

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