Do you know you can be wealthy with just 100,000? Here in this article you will found the 14 most profitable business ideas in Nigeria you can start with N100,000.

Have you been able to raise N100,000 and you are looking for profitable business to invest on? Here you will make your right choice to invest your had earn money.

Here are the 14 best after a well conducted research. All these business will make you wealthy if you will follow the ethics.


1.Producing juice and selling it

In Nigeria today there are high demand of fruit juice, because the oganic content is high. It is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria mostly the urban side of the country were fruits are not available. So, to start this go to juice producing industries and learn how to produce it and you are good to go.

2. Selling of phone Accessories

Phone Accessories is another lucrative business to invest on. With N100,000 you can start selling phone accessories such as, Phone pack, screen guard, earpiece, sd card, charger, phone casings and many more.

This business very is lucrative and required no much learning experience before starting.

3. Charging of Phone Batteries

Most part of Nigeria today there are unstable electricity supply and mostly this computer era, people will like to get in touch with others by calling or other means through cell phone.

Due to the poor power supply and the high cost of petrol and Diesel people find it very difficult to charge their phones and are willing to pay a vendor to charge their phones, of which vendors have their fixed prices.

4. Breeding of Dogs

Breeding of dogs can be another better option. People bred dogs for many purposes like, security, pets and for meat. If you can take it as a business you have lots of profits to make.

Just 3 puppies that cost you less than 20,000 and you are good to go. All you have to do is to feed them well and take care of them probably and you have lots of profits to make with it.

5. Computer business center

These is a digital age, everyone is now using computer, all documents is produced by computer. So computer is very important in the mordern world. All you need here is Generator, printer, scanner and some others you are good to go.

6. Breeding of pigs

Pork meat demand is very high now in Nigeria now, mostly the southern part the country. Due to the protein content there are very high demand now.

A big can lay up 8piglets in one time according to report. They are known to be very fertile. A female piglets is about 50k

7. Making of soap

Soap production is a very lucrative business in Nigeria because everybody is making use of soap on a daily both in the office or at home. Soap is very high in demand now in the market.

There are many tutorials out their on how to make soap. It just required little experience and you start seeing money on your door post.

8. Restaurant Business

Restaurant business in another great profitable business to join. In urban areas to today most people don’t have time for cooking, mostly workers and some busy student, in that case they will like making use of the restaurant.

Hence you are a good cook, opening restaurant is the best option for you to make cool money.

9. Video gaming shop

To invest your 100,000 or lesser, this a better option for you. Some barbers are attaching it to the shops but concentrating on that business alone will make you earn good living because most Nigerian youth are looking were to play game or gambling with their friends.

To start it, buy all instruments and see money following to your door post.

10. Barbing salon

Starting a barbing salon is another best option especially the young youth s. All men always have their hair cut weekly and some 2 -3days, all children and most young student always barb their hair on weekly basis. Due people always like looking good, that only would generate more customers for you as well high income on daily basis.

All it required is a little experience in barbers shop and that make you make much money, also maintain good standard of living.

11. Production Of Sachet Water

  Sachet water, well known as pure water in Nigeria, is one of the best selling products in the streets. People buy them from schools, events, parties, traffic jams and almost every other part of the country. Its low cost of production and its explosive demand make it not only a lucrative activity, but also a very affordable activity.

12. Selling Roadside Snacks And Baking

  This covers broad categories such as the preparation and sale of shawarmas, popcorn, meat pies, donuts and several other quick snacks. Although many may consider this as a small business, only a few go beyond its shortcomings and identify with its overall vision.

  A visionary entrepreneur could take advantage of the less congested roadside snack niche and build a brand around it, where many mobile branches in the state would sell the tastiest snacks in the most neat and more attractive.

  Markets, schools, estates and many more are great places to install them.

13. Mini Importation Business

You do not need a lot of money to start a mini-import business. You can make a profit from each sale and increase your income. The big advantage of this idea is that you can control everything in the comfort of your room. You will only need a laptop or computer and a fast internet connection.

Boiler Poultry Farming Business

  It is one of the easiest businesses to start with little money. Expertise on nutrition is required to keep the business safe from infecting these chits.

  The best way to excel in this business is to consult an expert in the poultry business who will give an expert advice on the mode of operation.

  The major thing you need in this business is the availability of space and water supply. An important caveat about this business is the fact that its seasonal although it is not completely seasonal.


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