Read till end if you really want to find your passion. These is question people always ask their self ” how do I find my passion?” Mostly, this question comes after completing your secondary school certificate and thinking to forge ahead.

And in the middle of our career we also ask this question. Because we could be sad with what we are doing or because of our social, financial, professional and other status.

  However, the first question we should ask ourselves is: “What is a passion?”

  To find your passion, it is important to understand what exactly the word passion is all about.

Passion definition

Simply, the word passion means strong interest in something. That thing could be a hobby or profession because of belief.

Also, passion is another powerful version of love. So, for carriers, the word passion signifies something you love and have interest on.

So, if you follow your passion while you are looking for a carrier, you are bound to succeed. Great Chinese philosophy, once said: “Choose your lovely job and you will never work again in your life.”

That is because when you have passion about something, you hold something close to your heart. You will put all your efforts towards it.

The Importance of Passion

When you put all your efforts into doing something, your life becomes purposeful. This translates to stress-free work and exponentially higher productivity.

  This in turn leads to prosperity and, in general, a happy lifestyle that brings excellent social, professional, financial and personal status.

  And if we fail to follow our passion, the consequences can be disastrous. We usually end up choosing a career or profession that we are not interested in.

  After spending considerable time, energies and money on studies, we take on jobs that we consider monotonous, dry, monotonous and mundane. We work because we don’t have it and not because it gives us pleasure.

  All of these problems are preventable. If you find your passion and act on it. How to find your passion in life? I will provide some simple steps to follow.

How do i find my passion?

Worldwide there are full of successful and unsuccessful people. We typically measure success in terms of a person’s money and assets and their social status.

  However, my own success definition is very different. I personally define success as being very happy with what you do and being content with what you have. That happiness comes only when you know your passion.

Ist-Step: Identify your inborn skills

Identifying your inborn skills is the first step to find your passion. Inborn skills is also know as intrinsic skills, the skills been possed in childhood.

For example, a child can be an excellent singer without any training. Or you can be a fan of some sport without the help of a coach. How do you explain this talent?

  These talents are widely known as inborn or innate skills. You were born with that specific talent. It is usually these innate skills that develop as your passion.

  Simply, because you don’t need any training or external motivation to do anything. It comes automatically.

  Trying to identify inborn or innate skills takes some effort. You will need to walk the memory path and find what you like best and find it easy to do.

  This fits the above description of passion – doing something. You can do this exercise at any time in your life.

Second-Step: Find where you are heading to

You must feel uncomfortable when you are trying to study a course that’s not your passion. You may be studying at medical college or engineering college and would have put more effort to get admission to these reputed institutes. But when you start the cause you will begin to feel dissatisfied.

This always happened when you are not following your passion. That’s a wake up call, asking you to discover your passion, follow it as well.

At this stage, think about which career you prefer and the reason why. Ask yourself why you are taking a course you don’t like. It was probably prestige that sent you to take the course.

  Or some false belief that you would thrive in that field. But if you are unhappy studying, you will be more unhappy at work. Therefore, it is better to find something that attracts you and find a path that suits your passions, rather than prolonging your journey on the wrong path.

Third-step: Find where you stand for now

Yes it’s right. Find out where you are,the stage you are now in your life. Are you really happy with the position you are in? Or you have that lingering unhappiness lurking somewhere in the subconscious mind of yours.

  Also, do you believe you would be better off in another job, even though the salary could have been lower? If that’s really the case, it’s time to get to know your passion and start following it right now.

  If you feel this unhappiness, you still need to discover your passion. At that point, think about what you would like to do in your life. It can be anything you like.

  The next step is to find out how you can make money from your hobby or passion. There are definitely several ways to do this. And third, find what it takes to invest and start your own business that closely matches your current passion and profession.

  Doing so can help you start an excellent side business and earn extra income. Since you already have a job, regular income would not be a problem. However, you can identify a passion to be used in setting up a home business or consultancy.


Finding your passion can be quite difficult as we progress in our career, albeit unhappy. Educational and financial needs often diminish the passion we have.

One of the best ways to rekindle the passion is to find your childhood hobby or what you would like in those formative years. This would lead to finding your passions and innate abilities.

  The general rule is that you never allow your passion to be wasted. If possible, you can make a complete career reversal, even at a later stage in life.


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