Are you always online on Facebook without making money? Have you been looking for ways of making money with your Facebook? You are now in the right place. Here you will find the 7 most profitable ways of of making cool money on Facebook.

Facebook is most visited and the largest social media in the world. Do you have your own business? or you have one item to sell or you want to promote affiliate product and services, you can make money through Facebook.

what to know before starting

Make sure your Facebook profile is real. Put a real picture of your self or your business on you profile or cover pics. Also make sure you list the correct city you live so that people will not think you accidentally post in a wrong group. lastly, include your contact information and your website link if you own online business

Things to be sold on facebook

You can sell almost every thing on facebook. Most people sell their used cars, handmade items, secondhanded items, ebooks many mores.

These are the few things that can’t be sold on facebook animals, Tobacco,Alcohol firearms Illicit drugs,Certain healthcare product, gambling products.

These are the most profitable ways to make money with your Facebook

Facebook is the largest common platform on which every business from home based ventures to the biggest bank and consumer goods companies have a presence.

1. advertise your business on Facebook

The’re many people i have seen promoting their consultancy, training, selling home based product or even custom made jewelry and dresses on Facebook business. The’re many options to promote your product and services through Facebook

Also, you can communicate with customers through the instant messenger service available on Facebook.

2. start affiliate marketing on facebook

Affiliate marketing is one of your best option. Is a means of promoting a company product and services through Fb page or group. There are many merchants offering affiliate program such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Vcommission, Shaaddi, flipkart and many others. This merchants pays you to promote their product.

Now you can start affiliate marketing programs offered by this organizations and post their content on your fb page or group. Any individual that picked interest on your advertisement or content you have posted and patronized it, you will be commissioned.

3. facebook marketplace

Fb marketplace is a free facility offered by using the social networking website. It lets you in to list numerous items, services and deals and promote them on the fb community.

The service makes it possible for you to reach thousands of people through your own social network even as allowing fb friends to inform others approximately what you’re selling. You can sell any product or service that meets fb community guidelines.

similar to classifieds, the customer can contact you, check out the products and finalize price, shipping and different information.

But, if you have an eye for unique stuff, you may make extra cash. A variety of items offered on Facebook marketplace are rare and can fetch higher value in brick-and-mortar stores. Buy the stuff and resell it either online or through shops

4. Make money from facebook ads

Firstly, you need to create fb page for your business or your website. Facebook page takes a few minutes and is free and any of your business or website is accepted.

After creating your page and make good numbers of followers. You can post just like you post on your normal timelines. Facebook page equivalent as you are having mailing list, you can regularly send message to your followers . eg a fashion designer might publish weekly on the latest design

Also, don’t forget you can you can make money posting Ads on Facebook to reach people who does not follow your page

Create ads tips

Now page post can help you make money but you also need to use paid Facebook ads to reach a new new audience. You can create your own ads or use a service like Flourish With Facebook Ads to create professional ads that can attract more clicks the first time.

After creating post on you Facebook page, now you will see the option of boast at the down of the post with blue icon. “Click the button” After clicking the button, you will be taking to ad tools creator. The’re many features than what we mention bellow but these are the three you should mostly pay much attention.

. audience

. objective

. budget

The best benefit of facebook ads is that you can target a specific people base on their age, gender, interest and their locations.  Or, you can also advertise to your followers and their friends. Also you can monitor the number of engagement and people reached. When the campaign finishes. Now you can compare the numbers of engagement to the the total of campaign cost to check your cost-per-click amount.

5. job application

Now the’re job board to help you find job on Facebook. Companies will advertise open positions with in the “Jobs” tab.  Here you find part-time and full-time job for many companies in the page so, scroll down and find this opportunities.

Lastly, the’re most groups that list online job too. Their you can join different group to find job leads and also get insights on the application process and the work experience from the members of the group.

6. creating a facebook live videos

Hence you are not shy in camera, Facebook live video can be your best option to build a personal brand. You can create video using a product in real-time or videos on how you are working from home. if possible you can host a live question and answer session where the live viewers ask their question live and you answer them immediately. Now as internet bandwidth continually increases, now live steam is becoming more common.Right now YouTube is not the only video platform.

7. Becoming a social media manager

Hence you are social media savvy. Also, you can make profit managing corporate social media account. Here are your responsibilities as a social media virtual assistance.

. To create social media graphics

. Building the audience size

. Scheduling social media post

. Monitoring ad campaign matrices

. interacting with followers and responding to comments

Is a very good chance you will have to manage social media on other platforms apart from fb. These can be a nice idea to be properly known with the lager platform like Pinterest, twitter,and Instagram.

Are you a Facebook savvy? These can be the best opportunity for you to work from home as a to increase your income part-timely


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