Are you aware that there are easy means on how to become a virtual assistant and make huge money from it? Visual assistant is very great profession worldwide with huge income.

Are you willing to join this growing community that makes thousands of dollars working from home?

If you would like to earn a lot of money working as a Virtual Assistant or VA, continue reading. In this article, I will try to answer your questions about how to become a Virtual Assistant and get rich quite quickly.

What is a virtual assistant?

  Generally speaking, a virtual Assistant is someone who works outside a client’s office and provides several online services. Typically, virtual assistants work on a computer and a telephone from home. However, they have access to several company documents through remote access.

  Services and types of virtual assistant

  There are several types of services that you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. Global trends indicate that these virtual assistants in these five categories have the highest demand. And the trend will continue.

  1. Innovative virtual assistants

  Ideal for people with imaginative and creative skills. It involves managing social networks, creating advertising campaigns and attracting customers through interesting and innovative content. Innovative VAs are in great demand. Most companies are now online. They use social networks and other online resources to attract customers.

  2. Administrative virtual assistants

  This is the best job anywhere in the world. As an Administrative VA, it will provide various services, such as handling documentation, response to email and email, scheduling appointments and meetings, sending reminders and requesting services, among other tasks. However, there are too many people offering VA administrative services.

  3. Technical virtual assistant

  An excellent job for engineers, architects and people with knowledge of the Internet and software. Technical VAs provide online services for engineering companies, consultancies, construction and real estate companies and the IT industry. These VAs are also in great demand worldwide, as they allow the best engineers to get remote help on complex projects.

  4. Virtual financial assistants

  Financial VAs provide services such as the administration of bank accounts, stocks and investments of the main businessmen and investors. Generally, a financial VA will not have transaction rights for bank accounts and other investments. They only help in the maintenance of the bank, credit card and other accounts while monitoring investments.

4. General virtual assistants

  If you don’t have specific skills or want to work on your own, General Virtual Assistant is the right job. It involves simple tasks such as keeping diaries of a senior executive and filing documents. Tasks will vary by employer. Since no specific job skills are needed, you can offer services to more than one employer at the same time.

  How to become a virtual assistant

  You can choose any of the above categories to become a Virtual Assistant. Your skills or lack of certain skills will decide which category of VA is appropriate.

  Here I will explain in simple steps how to become a Virtual Assistant.

  Business, Freelance, Fulltime or Side Gig

  Do you want to offer services as Virtual Assistant as a company or independently? Will it be your full-time profession or a secondary concert? This is an important decision you must make before offering Virtual Assistant services and earning a lot of money.

  For those who already work, a side concert may be suitable to earn a lot. As a VA, you may also want to make a decent living. Or you can simply be a digital nomad working on your own and part time.

High quality work is expected of all Virtual Assistants by their employers. Therefore, it is essential to finalize how you want to offer services like VA and earn a lot.

  Take the VA course

  Taking a Virtual Assistant course is the shortcut to becoming one. There are many offline and online classes that offer short VA courses for a reasonable price. The cost of the course on HorkeyHandBook is $ 397. There are many other courses available for VA.

  Through these courses, several essential characteristics are taught to become a Virtual Assistant. Basics such as selecting your skill set for complex details, such as launching your services for the highest salary, are some things you can learn through these courses.

  Course providers usually provide online forums, employment resources and other facilities. This is the biggest advantage of taking a course: you keep in touch with market trends, find VA jobs easily and have peer support.

  Study the VA market

  If you are among the Do It Yourself (DIY) job seekers, I advise you to study the Virtual Assistant job market. Look for the skills in demand and the average salary you can get as a beginner VA. This helps to better identify where and how you can launch your skills for a good pay.

  In addition, you also get vital information about Virtual Assistant employers. Usually, the most popular recruitment websites carry these reviews. These reviews are largely reliable as they are written by real people who work as VA in various organizations.

  Identify your skill set

  Identify the skills you want to offer as a virtual assistant. It is not necessary to strictly follow your educational qualifications and experience. In fact, a qualified engineer can work as an innovative VA to give wings to that creative side and passion.

  And if you don’t have qualifications, you can simply offer to work as a VA for simpler tasks like filing and handling correspondence.

In addition to job-related skills, employers also seek specific qualities of a Virtual Assistant. Therefore, it is vital to possess these soft skills as well. While virtual Assistants work from home, most employers might require you to attend an interview first.

  Therefore, make sure you can pass the interview and, if necessary, the skills test. I don’t want to scare him, but today many employers insist on a skills test to make sure they are hiring the right person for the Virtual Assistant job. The interview can be in person or online. Therefore, get ready.

  Earning big the as VA

  Surely, you want to get the best price for your work as a Virtual Assistant. You can get a fair idea about how to win big simply by studying market trends. Websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed and other important recruitment portals have average salaries and reviews that will help you understand how to earn large amounts like VA.

  Decide if you want to work full or part time or occasionally as an independent virtual assistant. Because, average salaries differ for all three types of work.

  In general, it is possible to earn a lot of money as a VA if it provides skills that are in high demand but are rare. Here, your personal passions can play an important role. If you have a hobby, skill or some talent that is not readily available, throw them away while applying as a Virtual Assistant.

  VA as business or job

  There are ongoing discussions if the job as Virtual Assistant is business or employment. The reason: taxes. Although he earns a lot as a Virtual Assistant, the tax collector also requires a participation every year. Therefore, make an informed decision and classify your work as a virtual assistant as a job or business.

  The reason is simple. In most countries, freelancers and part-time workers always pay lower taxes. In other countries, small businesses at home enjoy certain tax benefits and exemptions. Regardless of how you provide VA services, income is taxable.

  Go online

  Going online is a must for all Virtual Assistant applicants who want to earn a lot. You can do it in two different ways. If you have some money, set up an amazing blog or website and offer Virtual Assistant services. Also popularize your VA profile through blogs and social networks.

  An important resource for virtual assistants is LinkedIn, which links professionals from around the world. Therefore, create an excellent LinkedIn profile to connect with employers and other VAs.

Also, register on Glassdoor, Indeed, Upwork and other reputable websites to search for Virtual Assistant jobs and publish your resume. As a VA, you can surely earn a lot if some great employer hires your services. In any case, the higher your online presence, the more you will earn as a Virtual Assistant.

  Get testimonials

  Once you start working as a Virtual Assistant, start collecting testimonials from employers. Display these on your website and resume with a brief list about your experience working with that employer. Build a lot of goodwill with a previous employer and impress the new ones.

  These testimonials are your magic key to winning big as a Virtual Assistant. Typically, employers will seek to hire VA that have excellent credentials and matching experience. These testimonials will offer you that advantage over other competitors who offer for the same job.

  Virtual Revenue Assistant

  There are three main ways to earn money to work as a virtual assistant.

  •   Hourly payment: If you are a freelancer or offer VA services as an additional job, the employer will pay you by the hour.
  •   Payment per project: large companies often require VAs only for a specific project. In such cases, offer the price of the entire project. Remember, a project may take several months after its due date. Therefore, consider that extra time as well.
  •   Full-time income: It means that you get a fixed weekly or monthly income from one or more employers who take your Virtual Assistance services.

Are my qualified to be a virtual assistant?

Yes. Almost anyone with basic knowledge about the use of computers and some simple software can work as a Virtual Assistant. You can become a Virtual Assistant and earn a lot of money if you are among the following.

  •   University / college student looking for extra money.
  •   Mothers housewives.
  •   Single mothers.
  •   Professionals looking for a side concert.
  •   Freelancers looking for multiple jobs.
  •   Anyone looking for full-time jobs with some computer skills.
  •   Migrants who want immediate work and are fluent in English and a foreign language.

  Benefits of becoming a virtual assistant

  Earning a lot of money from home working flexible hours is the biggest advantage of becoming a Virtual Assistant. And there are more facts too.

  Around the world, the Virtual Assistants industry will grow to $ 15.79 billion by 2021 from $ 8.56 billion in 2019. Demand is expected to triple by 2021, while the number of people looking for work is not expected VA’s keep up.

  Many successful entrepreneurs around the world are hiring virtual assistants. They deliver specific tasks to remote virtual assistants to ensure the secrecy and security of their confidential data.


  If you are really interested in offering services such as Virtual Assistant, the steps and information above can be very useful. Since the Virtual Assistant industry is growing, now is the right time to enter this field and earn a lot of money.

  In fact, there is an increase in the economy of concerts worldwide. And VA’s works are a great way to enter this concert economy. While there are no promotions in this field such as regular desk work, the rewards of working as VA are incredible. Hopefully, this article will help you become a virtual assistant and earn a lot of money.


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