Creating an online course is not very easy, nor to difficult.

Creating an online course (a good one) is a door-way to Great Riches. As there are several individuals who his 100 and millions of Dollars by just creating an online course.

If you have a good knowledge concerning a specific subject matter, then you are on your way to making good amount of Dollars. With this steps you can create an online course.

You need not to be a professional teacher to create an online course, all you need is to have a good idea, skillful writing and teaching ability. People across the globe prefers online course for its simplicity.

Furthermore, you need to create tutorial videos to compliment your online course. Follow the following steps to guide you, to create a unique online course.

1. What can you offer

Identify what you are capable of offering by creating an online course. This implies taking notes of your skills.

Discovering the topic is clearly simple. You can create an online course to train people in the area of your work or passion. It doesn’t need to be a professional course alone. Example a lawyer can create an online course on how to play and win online games.

Search they list 100,000 associated courses. These courses cover almost every sphere of life, from e-commerce development to pet care. You can acquire some ideas, concerning the type of online course to create and earn your money.

2. Identify potential buyers

You may have good ideas and skills to profer, but the question is, will there be available or an ever ready audience for your online course? just as I stated earlier, creating an online course is not too simple.

Now what you need to do is to find a suitable market. Make research online to discover where you can sell the online course. Do not unit your market within the country alone, search for courses that are needed abroad also.

For instance, China is an excellent market for English language courses, both spoken and written. Chinese students are ever ready to pay any amount of a good English course.

3. Draw a market plan

Prepare for competition, except you are offering an unusual courses which are rare. Therefore you need a market plan.

Following that you can launch an educational portal, for your tutorials so you need to spend on web designing and other process that goes into creating a unique learning website.

Better still, you can market your course via learning website such as stillshare, Udemy, courseva many mores. They will help you market your online course but charge you for a membership fee or commission for every successful sales.

You can also get Google to promote your online course by creating a Google ads campaign. This is a paid service but you can fix a budget.

4. What is the price of your course

With the purpose of making money from your online course, so you need to consider, how much to charge for the course.

Price of online course lies on various factors, namely: relevance of the course, duration, content and where applicable, certification.

Visit any online course platform to look at prices, check what a cause of offers- writing content, graphic and pictures, videos and voice streams as well as kind of the tutorials.

For a good money making online course you need to include everything such as text, pictures and graphics, voice and videos.

5 Creating online course

Hence you have all the required information, now, go ahead and create online course. Here this part is the toughest part. Put all your ideas and information on a paper or computer.

Create a possible graphs and use pictures you have taking in the course material. The graphics and pictures highlights are certain points. Your videos and voice readings are also important.

For your videos use digital camera but where there is none, the camera in your smartphone is good to go. Buy a tripod for placing the camera or smartphone and do your recordings.

Go through it, edit and proof it, read all course material to connect where there is an error. Don’t be in a hurry make sure it is perfect. It can take several weeks to create an online course.

6. Run tutorial trials

You need to run some free tutorials on some social media such as WhatsApp or Facebook and ask for their comment, so you could know where there are some mistakes, and need for improvement before you can upload it to your side or elearming portal.

Check if the course is student friendly and also test your free trial students to know how they have learned from your tutorials. This free trials is important as it help won out errors.

7. Market your course online

Yes, this is the day you have been waiting for, after the completion of your free trials, now is time to make money with your course.

Make sure you carefully upload your course, avoid jumbling up the text, pictures, graphics and videos, they should be in proper sequence.

You can accept the payment through PayPal or other methods. but when you are marketing your course via elearning platform then you need not to worry, they will deposit your money to you via PayPal or any other legit means, after a confirmed sale.

8. Be uploading your course

Your course can become irrelevant if you don’t frequently update it when it’s needs to be updated. As nowadays things changes quickly.

Remember to notify your student, whenever you updates a course. This could be done using automated mails.


Certainly you would love to be a partaker of this tremendous market Global elearning industry that is projected to touch the US $ 325 billion.

Online course creation is not expensive, except you want to buy sophisticated gadgets like recorder microphones, camera and other paraphernalia.

Through following the above steps you also can create your own online course and earn a living with it.


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