Are you jobless and having in mind how to start life and earn a good living with the small amount you are holding? Have you been in thought on how to start mini importation business with the little amount you are holding here in Nigeria?

You are in the right place, here I will teach you how to start importation business that will change your life here in naija with just #5,000 so stay with us till the end.

i would no longer need to restrict this piece on how to begin importation in Nigeria with just 5,000 as you could make investments even more into it, and i’m able to tell you how.

You can import kitchen utensils, computers, mobile phones, bags, shoe, clothes, Office equipment, home appliances and many mores you might wish wish to import at a very cheaper prices.

I know you must be wondering how possible it will be, just be patient till you are done with my articles. Note that importation can take place large scale but here am talking about mini importation.

These are steps to start mini importation business in Nigeria

1.Have a specialized area and create market for it

As an meant importer there should be a specific area of business that hobbies you. Sure, understand that you’ll have to sell most of the things you’ll be importing.

So, you have to find a means to sell them. Now contemplate on how to create market for your new product.

You also think of a way to expand peoples interests toward the things you may be importing. Do you want to import computers and mobile phones?

Which people will I sell my product to? These a question you have to ask your self before you embark on this journey.

Since you are able to answer these question you can now forge ahead.

2. Open a bank account and link it to internet banking

Here you have to open a bank account if you don’t have any and then link it to internet banking.

These makes it possible for you to purchase thing online and sell it interested buyers with large discount which makes them to demand more from you when next

As you have opened your bank account request for internet banking activation. So that you participate on internet banking. Most transactions requires you to have a transaction token for additional online transaction security and visa card or MasterCard.

Compulsorily you request for them. So, as a starter who intend being into importation business here in naija. You must have a bank account linked to the internet.

3.Create account with foreign online shops

There are many foreign online shops such as Amazon, eBay, Ali express and many mores. You have to create account with any of these. When creating account ensure that the details in your bank account are the with the account you are creating. The information will be used by your financial institution to accredit your account for online mails.

Be aware that Nigerian banks will not accept payments to this companies if the online shop registration details and names are not the same with the once in the bank.

4. Order for items

Go to Amazon, use the laptop for a better view. To strive how actual what i am discussing with you is, strive to check the charges of the gadgets and convert it to local currency, naira.

certainly you will notice that the fees of their items are some distance less expensive than what average Nigerian stores sell similar items.

if you have a doubt discover the rate of such goods on-line and walk down the street in which you are and discover how tons they sell comparable items.

I believe you are amazed by now for what you have found. Check to look where you could select wholesale and add to cart in case you want to buy lots of things together.

When done with that, you now proceed to pay for the items. This is the most important part of the importation. Don’t forget to order what you can sell easily or you already have created market we’re you will sell it so your capital wouldn’t be tied by the seles.

5.To pay for the goods you want import

Paying for the goods is one of the most important area in this steps.

No hidden charges applies, you pay for what you see and you will be asked the card you wish to pay with. Pay with the means you’re familiar with preferably with your account ATM card like Zenith bank, diamond visa card, GTB master card many mores. And they will deliver it to Nigeria. In your payment delivery charge will be included. Note there’s no hidden charges.

6.Order your delivery

Some foreign online strores doesn’t ship directly to Nigeria. You can use the service of Some shipping agencies. Shotomydoor is one of the shipping agencies. They’ll convey your goods from usa, united kingdom or China to the doorstep right here in Nigeria. Taking delivery of your order and confirming that the whole products is in good condition these the final step of how to start mini importation commercial biz in naija.

If you find out any damaged goods, most companies gives options to return if damaged. The transaction will be reversed.

So, you go to the privacy policy of the site or the FAQ and know how the company operates before placing an order.

Also, make sure you know the zip code of the Nigerian state you are or were you want your delivery and give accurate information about your self so that your goods will not be missing.

In conclusion

As been explained in the article you went through on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria. You must follow these rules accordingly.

I believe if you are business inclined you will love to check this out. Do you know you can get a new laptop for 20,000 and then you resell it 40,000 or more?

Imagine making 2times what you bought on laptops. And you can make it with other products.

So, now you have know excuses of been jobless because you have great opportunity here.


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