Are you looking for business that will make you to be your own boss? Here you find top 7 business to start with no money that will make you rich.

Most people stop themselves from starting up a business because they think of huge capital!

Actually, this is for some business but not all there are some opportunities that you can start now without capital that can make you your own boss

Top 7 business to start with no money

1. Social media influencer

Are you always active on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest? Do you have a good numbers of followers base on these platform?

Now you can start making money on those platform. Just keep posting regularly to get more followers and offer your service on these platform. Now you have gotten followers you might know what your followers want, not only the service you can also promote some affiliate products, courses and many mores.

2. To become a freelance writer

Becoming a freelance writer will give you the flexibility and income you want and a great way to earn extra cash and actually make a good living from it, without no investment

There are many opportunities for writers on the internet to sell their article and books.

Are you good in writing? Then you can use your skill to make a huge amount of money.

There are much Demand on writers and you can start this business without no investment

Professional writers are making $50,000 -$85,000 a year with this writing opportunity

These are the best platform that will help you to grow fast in this business. Join this free platform to start your successful career as a freelance writer.

Best platform to promote your freelance service:

  1. Ifreelance
  2. Fiverr
  3. Writer access
  4. Texbroker
  5. Upwork

3. Selling ebooks

” have you ever thought about presenting your skill and knowledge in form of an electronic book? You can get your work published and launch your own brand. So, if you have some thing to share and your writing skills is very good, be sure to grab this chance”

EBook selling is also similar to freelance writing job you also need to put your skill in an ebook format to sell and make money.

Here, there is no particular subject to write about, you can choose your own subject or you can write particularly on one useful task.

Once you are done in writing your eBook, you can now promote it everywhere. Audience who are interested in your books will buy it.

Ebooks always give continuously income as long as you will keep promoting it.

List of platform where you can find your ebooks online

1.Google play

2. IBook Author

3. Kindle direct publishing

4. Nook press

4. Virtual Assistance

Unlike the freelancers, you can offer other services as a virtual assistant using your special skills.

  Most business owners who are eager to improve their productivity and cannot afford to waste time on routine jobs hire virtual assistants to perform them.

  You have to promote your skills to be hired by people. It is better to create your portfolio that represents your skills and experience. Just work on these things and you can start a business without money easily.

  In general, tasks such as managing social media profiles, sending emails, promotional tasks, online marketing, etc., have increased the demand for virtual assistants. So, if you have good skills to manage and organize different matters, this can be a promising career for you.

5. Manager of Association

Every day, people form new professional networks, community associations or like-minded amateur groups. The only problem is that groups like these require a lot of administrative work to stay.

  There are websites to build and update, newsletters to write, fees to collect, meetings and events to schedule and mailing lists to maintain. Do you think you are ready for homework? By creating templates and protocols, you can easily start managing multiple groups and start accumulating the mass.

6. To Become A Graphic Designer

In the same vein as a web designer, if you have the skills to design logos, brand packages, social media graphics, brochures, posters and other materials that companies and people frequently request, this is a business that you will love to manage . You will have to be motivated, be attentive to details and be clear when setting expectations.

  Again, watch Roberto Blake’s videos on how to become a graphic designer; Start with this epic playlist. In the first days before you have many clients, you may want to build your portfolio by offering your services on sites like Fiverr and Etsy.

7. Patron-Backed Creator

Have you ever wondered how musicians, aspiring filmmakers, comedians and comic artists earn money before they grow up? Well, beyond the local concerts, they now have online opportunities to help them accelerate their path to fame and glory, more or less.

  Sites like Patreon allow interested users to donate a monthly fee (in exchange for the content produced by the artist / entrepreneur) or a creation fee.


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